Saturday, March 12, 2016

She would risk her life to escape...

"What have we here? A midnight spy?"
Nica lifted her chin and hoped he couldn't feel her knees shaking. "Release me."
Instead of releasing her, his eyes narrowed as he examined her features. "I didn't know Mosaba had a daughter," he said softly. "You wouldn't be a spy and a liar, would you?"

TRAPPED IN AN unbearable existence, Nica Santos risks her life to escape from her father, only to be captured by one of his soldiers. She fears she is doomed until the most unlikely of allies comes to her assistance - but not before she realizes she has traded one prison for another....

As war explodes around her, Nica becomes ensnared in a confusing web of intrigue, romance, betrayal and ancient magic....

  Kirkus Reviews names  THE MIDNIGHT SPY

"Compelling characters, riveting tension, and rich, complex worldbuilding make this a must-read for fantasy fans."

"Hamilton's prose shines on the page, delivering brilliant descriptions and fast-paced plotting with plenty of tension. The prophetic quatrains are based on the 16th-century writings of Nostradamus, lending authenticity to the story. Nica is brave and strong, but her flaws and vulnerability make her a compelling heroine for whom it's easy to cheer. Likewise, Shanks and his best friend, Sebande, are complex, intriguing heroes who are equally as dynamic. The trio drives the book, resulting in unexpected plot turns, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and moments of tension-relieving laughter. Secondary characters, such as her depraved father and the wise castle scholar, are well-drawn too. The way Hamilton cleverly layers in pieces of information that become important later is excellent, creating a tightly plotted storyline in a detailed, lush fantasy world. The ending calls upon inner strength and bravery from the young trio, but plenty of loose ends promise another book in the outstanding series." -
Kirkus Reviews 

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