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Kiki Hamilton


Kiki Hamilton is the award-winning author of THE MIDNIGHT SPY, THE FAERIE RING series and the YA contemp, THE LAST DANCE. She lives near Seattle, though she dreams of living in London one day.


Hey there! Thanks for your interest in my writing!  I hope you see enough interesting stuff here to make you want to track down one of my books and read them!

There is info on my About page on my main website that talks about how I came to be a writer. I thought it might be fun to talk here about how I came to write THE MIDNIGHT SPY.

THE MIDNIGHT SPY was actually the very first book I ever wrote.  If you're a writer, you know first books often spend their lives hidden in the depths of your computer, regarded as part of the learning process and never meant to see the light of day. Well, let me tell you, the first version of this book was exactly that!  

Nica wasn't even the main character - she was a very small, side character in a very different story. In the first version, the characters were named after my daughter and niece. LOL - let me tell you, that didn't work. 

But I kept writing and Nica kept whispering in my ear, insisting that her story be heard, so I re-wrote the story. And rewrote the story. And rewrote the story. AT LEAST seven times I  completely rewrote the entire story. Start to finish. Painful....but worth it.

But with each version, the story got clearer, I began to know the characters better and they started to reveal their secrets. And with each version I learned a little bit more about writing. It's a learning process that will never end, but if you are a writer, or thinking of starting to write - know that each time you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard you are learning! 

In the end, all the hard work was worth it because THE MIDNIGHT SPY was exactly the story Nica wanted me to write and exactly the story I wanted to tell. And in the end, she got her way and became the main character. :-)